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Clinic Manager to a Patient Experience Consultant ‘My Journey”

Clinic Manager to a Patient Experience Consultant ‘My Journey”

Clinic Manager to a Patient Experience Consultant ‘My Journey”
Author: Emma Louise Pym (Client Relationship Manager & Consultant)

Having been a Clinic Manager at a prestige Dental Clinic here in the UAE for the last 3 years and now starting my journey of becoming a Patient Experience Consultant, I have come to realize the mistakes and weaknesses that I made and had during my time as a Clinic Manager.

I focused all of my energy and knowledge on completing daily and monthly tasks with auditing, scheduling and policies instead of focusing on the most important factor the ‘Patient Experience’ I think it is fair to say that many Clinic Manager’s also focus on the same thing. If you are a Clinic Manager can you ask yourself what your daily routine involves? And where does the Patient Experience fall into this list?

I now understand the true importance of not only a Clinic Manager but also the entire team including Clinicians, Nurses, Receptionists and Treatment Coordinators, and how the main focus should be on creating an excellent Patient Experience for every patient, and not on completing daily reports etc. Don’t get me wrong our daily reports and long list of tasks to complete, are important, however it is our responsibility to manage a successful clinic and this comes from creating an EXCELLENT Patient Experience.

I have also realized other areas where I had made mistakes, for example as a Clinic Manager I purely focused on trying to get new patients, and completely lost sight of trying to improve our current patient loyalty amongst our many existing patients.

Now I am very excited to continue learning and helping Clinic Manager’s & Clinic Owner’s to understand how important focusing on the Patient Experience is, and how focusing on this will really help to increase Treatment Conversions & Patient Loyalty which all leads back to the bottom line and wanting our Clinic to be a success!



How you manage your Dental business can give you a significant advantage against other clinics. In this short management tip  I highlight a few ideas on how to be a strategic leader or meaningful leader as it called in “Funky Business” one of my favorite business book.


“People no longer passively fall in line, Intimidation and threats do not work. If they do work, you are dead because this means you hired the wrong people”
Funky business-meaningful leadership.


You as a strategic leader need to show Direction to your team. Destination is sometime unseen, feels unreachable but direction always needs to be clear. You as a strategic leader frequently need to communicate the  direction, vision of your business to your team.

Create innovative environment.  Experiment things or let your people experiment things in your practice. They can only fail, make sure they do fail fast and learn from the mistake.

Education-never ending learning. Make sure you put effort in to your and your staff`s education, continuous improvement. They will appreciate it and it can be your competitive weapon. You will have a stronger, more skilled team.


Here is your first exercise to get you closer to become a strategic leader-

Try a simple exercise of come up with 4 most important goal in your dental business –

  1. financial goal;
  2. marketing goal;
  3. clinical goal;
  4. human resources goal

– and constantly communicate it to your team as many different ways as possible.  Have practice meetings, put your goals to the staff room etc.

Do you have a clear vision in your practice? Does your team know about it?

Why do you need an accounting system for your dental practice?

Why do you need an accounting system for your dental practice?

“I don’t know how much money I’ve got…. I did ask the accountant how much it came to. I wrote it down on a bit of paper. But I’ve lost the bit of paper.”

John Lennon

Like this! We have this saying in Argentina: “ everyone needs an accountant and a lawyer”. Well, that’s pretty true actually. And applies from startups to multinationals. The fact is that the profile of the Accounting professional has changed along with the globalization. The Accountant today, is a restless spirit, who understands the management practices and gets fully involved in the Strategy of the company.

So… why do you need an accounting system if you already have the accountant? Good question.
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