About Us

Who we are?


Pallas Management Solutions is a leading healthcare management consultancy, committed to improving the way healthcare organisations operate.

Pallas provides expert consulting, leadership development and patient experience training programs to help healthcare organizations transform their culture and shape the patient experience.

As each clinic is unique, we place great emphasis on individuality. We design custom solutions and strategies that are tailored specifically to each organisation. Our Patient Experience solutions are designed to create a patient centred culture in our partner organisations, which is supported by engaged employees, strong operational structure and a positive environment.

Creating the “Patients First” culture in healthcare organisations will elevate the human experience

Eniko Simon-Sheeran

Patient Experience Educator/Speaker
Founder of Pallas Management Solutions

Eniko has over 10 years experience in healthcare management and is committed to elevating the human experience in healthcare.
Eniko completed a business management diploma in the UK and completed Patient Experience Leadership Programme at the world-renowned Beryl Institute in the US. This allowed her to gain specific skills and understanding to be able to educate healthcare leaders and support team. Developed and delivered training programmes over 100 professionals covering patient centred communication for clinicians and patient care training for support staff to enhance patient experience

Thanks to her consultancy and training programmes, Eniko is getting closer and closer to her vision of transforming healthcare for the better by elevating the patient experience.



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