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Who we are?


Pallas Management Solutions is a leading dental business management consultancy, committed to improving the way that dental businesses operate. We provide customised management solutions designed to help our client clinics reach their full potential. Our work is grounded in superb customer service and a firm commitment to help our clients deliver patient experience excellence as a direct result of our implemented management systems.

As each clinic is unique, the Pallas team places great emphasis on individuality. We design custom solutions and strategies which are tailored specifically to each clinic. Each solution is purposefully created to help our client meet their own business objectives. By gaining a deeper understanding of each customer we work with, and taking the time to understand their goals, processes and problem areas, we’re able to generate effective, actionable and in-depth plans that allow our clients to reach their full potential.

Eniko Simon-Sheeran


Eniko’s expertise comes from a specialist education in the field of dental business management, as well as several years of first-hand experience working in the dental industry in the UK and Dubai.

Eniko completed a business management diploma in the UK, specialising in dentistry. She continued working in dental clinics before being inspired to create Pallas Management Solutions.

Pallas Management Solutions is a leading dental business management consultancy, committed to improving the way that dental businesses operate.

Thanks to her consultancy experience, Eniko’s vision is to share her knowledge. She created Pallas Management Solutions to help dental clinics to grow their business while giving individual stakeholders the advice they need to grow as professionals.

Eniko is a dedicated member of the Beryl Institute, a US organisation committed to improving the patient experience through evidence-based research and formal professional development.



Emma joined the team as Client Relationship Manager/ Consultant in 2018.

Emma`s career started as a Dental Nurse in the UK, followed by many years of experience as a Clinic Manager within well known Dental Clinics in Dubai. Her great knowledge and understanding is what makes her an outstanding Clinic Management Consultant. Our clients can be assured by her expertise, and her warm and friendly, but professional approach which makes her a pleasure to work with.

Emma is looking after our Patient Experience members, making sure they receive all the support they need to improve the Patient Experience within their Clinic.

It became apparent to Emma in the 5 years she has been based in the UAE, that many Dental Nurses are not provided with adequate training or knowledge of the position expected of them, and that many Dentist’s and Clinic Owners are struggling to work efficiently due to the lack of support. To help with this, Emma’s passion is to help Nurse’s become more advance in their role and is providing an in depth training to achieve this,

Emma has recently joined the Beryl Institute and is working towards her Patient Experience Leadership Diploma.



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