Patient Care Workshop

Patient Care Workshop

Patient Care Workshop

25th October, 2019 @ Alicante, Spain and 3rd November, 2019 @ Dubai, UAE

This one day workshop is specifically designed to upskill your front desk team in areas that enable them to continuously provide professional and compassionate care to patients. They will help that have a clear understanding on the importance of their role in shaping excellent patient experience whilst ultimately positively affecting business outcomes.

Delegates will learn:

  • To provide an understanding on patient experience
  • To define the role of the Patient Care team (front desk) in the Patient Experience
  • Upskilling on interpersonal skills and how they help set the scene
  • Upskilling on how to create a positive first impression when answering the phone
  • How to excel at meet and greet
  • Understanding the G.R.E.A.T communication model and how it improves communication
  • How to maintain professionalism through defined protocols
  • Appointment management
  • Service Recovery– how to deal with customer complaints effectively

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