Patient Centered Communication Workshop (for clinicians)

Patient Centered Communication Workshop (for clinicians)

Patient Centered Communication Workshop (for clinicians)

4th November, 2019 @ Dubai, UAE

We strongly believe that patient communication plays a significant role in creating Patient Experience Excellence. This is why one of the main objectives of this workshop is to showcase to delegates the importance of communication in building a loyal base, increased patient satisfaction and improved experience in the dental clinic.

We will be discussing how to build positive patient relations, and how effective patient communication can increase the dentist’s uptake of treatment plans. With the overall result being able to meet business targets based on the quality of services as well as dealing confidentially with patient objections and issues.

Delegates will learn:

  • Interpret the importance of Patient Communication and its effects on the treatment conversion rate
  • Understand what Patient Experience is and the different components that are part of Patient Experience
  • Provide a clear understanding to clinicians how their communication skill influences their patients` perception on the experience and the clinical outcomes
  • Eloquently understand and explain the six steps of the Patient Communication Model as well as the Calvery-Cambridge Interviewing Model
  • Actively learn to use the structured consultation model to improve patient compliance and treatment uptake
  • Equip delegates with the knowledge to be able to identify and evaluate any area they can improve in their clinical consultation to achieve better outcomes

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