Pallas Management Solutions is the leading dental business management consultancy. We are committed to improving the way  dental businesses operate.  We provide customised  management solutions to aid our client clinics to reach their full potential. The foundation of any management systems we introduce is the goal to reach Patient Expereince Excelence.



"The systems in which management utilise must allow for a positive patient experience, because if they fail then they are not the right systems to be using. I believe in the strong connection between high patient satisfaction and business success."

Eniko Simon / Founder of Pallas Management Solutions


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As each clinic is unique, PALLAS TEAM places great emphasis on its individuality. WE specifically design solutions and strategies that are tailored particularly to each clinic to allow it to achieve its business objectives. WE focus on having a complete understanding of the clinic, its business model and providing an in-depth plan on how it can reach its full potential


The Founder


Eniko’s expertise comes from a specialist education in the field of dental business management, as well as several years of first-hand experience working in the dental industry in the UK and Dubai.

Eniko completed a business management diploma in the UK, specialising in dentistry. She continued working in dental clinics before being inspired to create Pallas Management Solutions.

Pallas Management Solutions is a leading dental business management consultancy, committed to improving the way that dental businesses operate.

Thanks to her consultancy experience, Eniko’s vision is to share her knowledge. She created Pallas Management Solutions to help dental clinics to grow their business while giving individual stakeholders the advice they need to grow as professionals.

Eniko is a dedicated member of the Beryl Institute, a US organisation committed to improving the patient experience through evidence-based research and formal professional development.